Nanda Aprilia Batubara


Employees viewed as by one of important company assets and require to be managed is and also developed to support the continuity of life and attainment of company target. One of form of employees organizing which can be done by company is give the recompensation or appropriate salary payment for employees. Increase employ very influencing of motivation and employees productivity in executing and finishing its work. To determine big of increase employ, needed by a system which can support the decision making conducted by manager. Exploiting of System of decision supporter by using method of Simple additive Weighting ( SAW) very assistive manager in conducting accurate and quicker decision making. Elementary concept of method SAW is look for the wight quantifying from rating performance in each alternative and at all of attribute requiring process of normalization of decision matrix ( X) to an scale which can be compared to by all existing rating alternative. This method is selected by because it is able to select the best alternative from a number of existing alternative pursuant to determined criterion. Research conducted with searching wight value to each; every attribute is later; then conducted by ranking to determine the optimal alternative.


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