Odoh, C. M
Ugwu, N. D
Charles Aronu


This study applies quantile regression to model the Body Mass Index (BMI) of 152 students from Delta State Polytechnic in Delta State, Nigeria. The BMI serves as the response variable, while skin fold (SK), feeding habit (FH), feeding frequency (FF), and frequency of exercising (FE) are considered as explanatory variables. A comparison is made between the results obtained from the classical linear regression model and quantile regression models at different quantiles (p = 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, and 0.9) to examine the impact of the variables on the students' BMI and assess if the relationships differ across quantiles. The findings reveal significant differences between the classical linear regression and quantile regression models, emphasizing the importance of quantile regression in capturing the nuances of the relationship between variables at different points of the BMI distribution. The study highlights the limitations of the classical linear regression model in providing a comprehensive understanding of the data and underscores the value of quantile regression in enhancing our insights into the relationship between BMI and the considered factors. This research contributes to the broader literature on quantile regression and its applications in exploring BMI and related health issues among students


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